Misfit’s David Flanagan Shares The Magic of Humboldt

Join us for AAF Reno’s September Luncheon as Misfit creative director, David Flanagan, shows
us how the agency transformed the strange northern California coast of Humboldt County from the “weed capital” of the world into a magical world many already know as “Wonderland.”

“Travel and destination advertising is, by and large, boring,” David writes. Through clients like Humboldt, Sonoma, and Old Sacramento…Misfit takes a very unique and fresh attack on the brand, position, and promotion of a “challenger” destination, helping it rise to the top in a world filled with tired and worn-out destination messages.

Borrowing from the pages of Alice in Wonderland, Misfit applied everything we grew up understanding about that crazy place, along with the strange and magical experience that comes along with it. For Humboldt County…it fit like a glove.

Before founding Misfit in 2011, David Flanagan was instrumental in building some of the California’s most successful advertising agencies. He co-founded Glass & Partners, laying a creative foundation that gained the agency regional and national acclaim. He then developed a nationally-recognized, industry-leading, in-house creative team as the Creative Director for the Sacramento Bee. Five years later, he co-founded Crocker/Flanagan, building one of the most celebrated and highest- profile creative powerhouses in California. Named one of Sacramento’s Top 20 fastest growing businesses, he orchestrated six offices throughout California helping develop brands such as Ben & Jerry’s, Wendy’s, Kirkwood and Yosemite National Park.

September 13th, 2017
11:30am – Doors Open, Networking
12:00pm – David Flanagan and Lunch

Atlantis Casino Resort

Tickets: $40

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David Flanagan

Creative Director