3 Ways to Develop More Loyal Customers with a Personal Touch

Written by Evelyn Klatt
on November 27th, 2017

By Evelyn Klatt
Programs Chair of AAF Reno

Marketing Director
Reno Philharmonic Association

My grandparents are pretty strict when it comes to handwritten “thank you” notes. So strict, in fact, that if you receive a gift from them and you don’t immediately send back a well thought out, handwritten, snail-mailed, old-fashioned “thank you” card – well then, guess who gets placed on the gift receiving blacklist for life?

It’s a good lesson for a multitude of reasons. Gratitude for one. Another great reason? The value of a personal touch = years of gifts from Grandma and Grandpa.

There is no disputing the impact that technology has had on advertising in the last few years. Amazon knows exactly when I’m going to run out of my favorite body scrub and sends me a discount to make sure I buy more. Somehow, Facebook knew I was pregnant before the test even showed a positive result, and my newsfeed became a wealth of resources for expecting parents. Meal services & groceries delivered to my front door every week? It’s mind-boggling how simplified our lives have become.

You know what I really miss though?

The personal touch.

3 Ways to Develop More Loyal Customers with a Personal Touch  

  1. Include a hand-written “thank you” note if shipping an item to a customer

Ex. Hey Gorgeous! You’re going to look fabulous in this overpriced sweater; don’t forget to throw your receipt away before your husband finds it! Just kidding… But don’t underestimate the value of a handwritten, personalized note. This always leaves a lasting impact and gives an immediate sense of value to your customer. Bonus Tip: include a few business cards for referrals while you’re at it.

  1. Send recommendations to customers based on buying habits

Got a new product line coming out? A new dish at a restaurant you think someone would like? A concert or event you’d like them to attend? Send a personal e-mail. Be sure to give them a solid WHY for why you’re thinking of them.

  1. Give them presents on their birthday!

Who doesn’t love to feel special on their birthday? This is a great time to connect with your customers and send them a special offer on products they love. Remember, even if you’re sending this out digitally – keep it personalized.

In a nutshell, it’s important to build personal relationships with your customers. Building relationships makes you human and creates trust. People buy from those they like and trust. If you spend a little extra time adding that special personal touch and expressing your gratitude, you’ll have loyal customers for life.

There you have it – advice from the grandparents without having to hear about when they were kids and they had to walk barefoot to school, uphill both ways, in the snow. Some things never change.