Meet the Reno Dads, 2017 Promotion Group of the Year Award Honorees

Written by Danni Winter
on June 12th, 2018

About Reno Dads

Their mission is to foster the community of fathers in the Reno and northern Nevada area. They promise to bring you information, entertainment and levity about the journey of fatherhood. They’re not here to preach about how you should parent, but rather give you the resources to choose your style. What’s more, this is a community pride project – they want to help families experience Reno to its fullest.

Reno Dads Co-Founders

Mike McDowell
Mike is a native Reno resident and a graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno, with a degree in Journalism and Marketing. After graduating, Mike traveled the United States only to realize that he missed the mountains, the Truckee river and, most importantly, the people in northern Nevada. Since his return in 2005, he’s played the iconic role of advertising executive (minus the cigarette smoking and chauvinism).

The most important role he’s played, however, is that of husband to his wife and father to his two sons. The Reno Dads project is an opportunity for self-reflection, self-improvement and community building. No stranger to giving back to our community, Mike derives great joy from the opportunity to bring this community together in an effort to show support for our fathers and our families. Mike believes that a community of good fathers can have an incredible impact on this community’s future. If Reno is a heart of active fatherhood, it will be a better place for us all.

David Bradfield
Father, Husband, Nevadan. David, a fifth generation Nevadan, grew up in the Truckee Meadows and graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno. Prior to his return to Reno, David had the pleasure of serving all over the world as an undercover CIA officer, notably in North Africa during the Arab Spring. Despite all the fun the CIA had to offer, the most exciting adventure he has ever undertaken is that of fatherhood and the adventures that his two boys take him on.
The honor of serving our country is great and he feels it is his responsibility to continue serving in his community, home, and family. He is humbled to have joined his great friends, fathers whom he respects immensely, on this project to bring our values and experiences on fatherhood to the masses and build a community dedicated to one of the most overshadowed and important parts of parenting: fatherhood.

Celebrate the Reno Dads’ hard work on behalf of the Reno community at the Ad People of the Year Awards on June 20th! Get your tickets here.